7 Must Have Gadgets for New Parents

As a new parent, you want to purchase the best products available for your newborn. You already filled your home with a year’s supply of diapers (that will probably only last a week), a state of the art crib with all its fancy features, and the cutest onesies that you could find. Despite all your over preparing, you feel like you could have more.

And you could. There are a few new parent tech devices that make taking care of your infant less stressful. Here are our seven favorite devices. Most of these items are found on Babies-R-Us and Amazon. Save on your Babies-R-Us purchases by using Groupon coupons.


MonBaby is the ultimate  baby monitor. The small, circle device attaches to your infant’s onesie to monitor his breathing patterns, body movements, and sleep changes and patterns. All notifications channel through MonBaby’s smartphone app. Set an alarm to get alerts about when the baby wakes up, stops breathing, rolls on stomach, or leaves his crib.

The app also allows you to track and monitor sleep patterns with a chart. As of 2017, MonBaby sells for between about $90 and a $150 at most major retailers.

Vicks Starry Night Cool Mist Humidifier

The Vicks device soothes your child to sleep through sending bursts of clear, cool moisture into the air. The Starry Night edition projects a starry night sky scenery to enhance the baby’s comfort with stimulating visuals.

The Vicks Starry Night collection usually ranges from about $30 to $60.

4Moms Origami Power Folding Stroller

No more hassle as you try to hold your baby and fold up a stroller. Press a button to activate the 4Moms Origami stroller automatic folds and unfolds features. This high-tech stroller also provides daytime running lights, pathway lights, and a built-in cell phone charger. The Origami stroller also has sensors to detect when your baby is in the stroller.

The stroller retails for $849.99.

Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Cut down cleaning time with the Avent Microwave: it allows you to quickly clean and sterilize four bottles at once. Philips Avent claims that the device cleans up to 99.9 percent of germs in two minutes.

The Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer price ranges from $16 to $40.

Tiny Love Soothe N Groove Mobile

The Tiny Love mobile gives your child a visual delight with cute animals hanging from their crib. The mobile also provides 40 minutes of non-repetitive music. Tiny Love’s groove mobile contains 18 different tunes separated by 6 different categories. One of the things that makes this mobile unique is that it can be converted to a music box.

After your child outgrows his crib, he can keep the music box and continue to enjoy these tunes. The Tiny Love musical mobiles range from $40 to $60.

Baby Gigl

This bottle holder monitors your infant’s milk consumption. The Baby Gigl sends this data directly to your smartphone to help improve your child’s nutrition and health. The bottle holder also directs you on how to hold the bottle to avoid air bubbles, which can lead to gas, colic, and sleepless nights.

The Baby Gigl is currently not on the market but took preorders in 2015 through Indiegogo. In 2015, the price of this product  cost $75 for two bottles and the holder.

VTech Safe and Sound Full-Color Video and audio Monitors

The VTech Safe and Sound monitors allow parents to have full access to their babies from outside their rooms. Parents can watch their children with ease as they move, sleep, and observe. The device not only allows full video monitoring but temperature checking, and it lets you talk back to the child. These VTech monitoring devices also have zoom capabilities and can expand to up to four room cameras.

Prices vary by model. The cheapest model costs about $60 and the most expensive about $260.