Areas To Focus On When Doing Fiber Optic Cleaning

Fiber optic cables are highly sensitive and you need to clean them properly to keep them working effectively for long. Cleaning the cables properly also contributes to a long lifespan. For you to properly clean your fiber optic cables you need to focus on certain areas. These areas include:


Also known as bulkheads, they are usually connected to adapters. Improper cleaning of the connectors would result in the failure of the fiber optic cables to work as efficiently as they should. Before you begin the cleaning process you should inspect the connectors using the fiberscope of your choice. If you find contaminants, clean the cables using the dry cleaning method. You should inspect the connector again and if still dirty, retry cleaning it using the dry cleaning method. You should inspect it again and if still dirty, try cleaning it using the wet cleaning method. Experts advise against cleaning your optic cable using the wet cleaning method as it usually results to damage to your cable. Only use the wet method after the dry method has failed.

To prevent the connectors from getting dirty you need to protect them from dirt. During the cleaning process, you should never allow the connectors to get into contact with the cleaning surfaces. The connectors usually have plugs and dust caps that protect them from dirt. You should keep these units in place when the connectors aren’t in use. In addition to doing this preventing dirt from getting into contact with the cables, it also protects the cables from damage.

Work surfaces

To avoid contaminating the fiber optic cables, you should keep the work surfaces as clean as possible. Just like with the cables, you should clean the surfaces using the dry cleaning method. You should use the wet cleaning method as the last resort. This is to minimize the risk of contaminating your optic cables due to the presence of excess alcohol on the surfaces. In addition to keeping your working surfaces clean you should also keep them organized. You should use resealable containers to keep all of your cleaning tools and end caps.


These are the areas that you should pay attention to when you are cleaning your optic cables. When you are inspecting the cables for dirt remember to turn off the laser sources in order to avoid damaging your eyes. Also, ensure that the cable is disconnected at both ends before you do the inspection.

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